Free Refresher Sessions

“Thank you, I felt free to learn and develop because I felt safe, there was never a sense of being pushed beyond my own limitations, more of gentle encouragement and persuasion”

Scuba Diving refresher sessions for qualified divers.

If you haven't been diving for a while, Its great to breathe from SCUBA again, especially if your holiday seems a long way off and its the middle of winter. If you are a qualified diver who has been out of the water for sometime we offer various refresher session options


For certified divers who have not dived for a while and would like to Scuba dive in a warm pool, just £15. all necessary equipment included.


For certified divers who would like a skills review session in the pool with a Divemaster, just £25 all necessary equipment included.


For certified divers who would like the freedom to practice there skills or maintain there fitness at a Scuba club that has four pool sessions per week and where membership gives you unlimited access to the pool sessions, free use of equipment and air, with no weekly fees. Just £89 per year, all necessary equipment included


For certified divers who plan to go diving but have been inactive for over six months. The course enables you to regain your confidence, so that when you go diving you can relax and enjoy yourself, The course includes the Scuba Tune Up Manual for self study, a refresher session in the pool with a Divemaster, plus a Knowledge and dive table review. After completing this course you will receive a SCUBA Review sticker which is attached to your diving certification card, this shows that your diving skills and knowledge are now up to date. Many Resorts insist that inactive divers take check dives before they will allow them to dive. Just £69 including all necessary equipment.

Scuba Diving is not a sport, it’s a lifestyle.