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Complete the PADI Open water referral course at Loughton or Hornchurch, with flexible scheduling  for Just �239 or just �179 for Scuba Diver referral and pay just an initial �85 deposit. Courses start each week.  Book Here or phone 01992 815960

For Shorter duration courses with completion over two Saturdays,
please click here for details.    Or Click here to register for ELearning

When can I start? You can start next Saturday at 2pm or next Tuesday at 8pm at Hornchurch pool! Or next Sunday at 7pm at Loughton Leisure centre.  The course can be completed over five sessions and you can choose, which sessions you attend each week.  You can book Here or just phone 01992 815960 or mail@scuba-dive.co.uk and we will arrange your first session, where you will also collect your Crew pack and DVD.

Can I have a go before I decide? If your not sure if Scuba is for you, we suggest you have  a Discover Scuba Diving session. Just �20 (refunded to you if you decide to take the course) It's the perfect way to experience the feeling of weightlessness and the excitement of breathing underwater for the first time. The sessions take place in heated pools at Hornchurch or Loughton Leisure centres and last for just under two hours, during the session you will spend approximately 1 hour in the pool scuba diving with your instructor, you start in the shallow end then progress to the deeper end as your confidence increases.   

Course Details
The PADI OPEN WATER DIVER gives you the International PADI License that will enable you to dive to a maximum depth of 18 Metres without Instructor supervision.

The course consists of 5 pool dives (the referral option) The course is suitable for adults and children aged from 10 to 80. 

The PADI SCUBA DIVER  gives you the International PADI Diving License that will enable you to dive to a maximum depth of 12 Metres under Instructor supervision.
The course consists of 3 pool dives (the referral option). The course is suitable for adults and children aged from 10 to 80. 

First Session
, during your first Session, Tuesday, Saturday, or Sunday, your instructor will guide you through scuba equipment assembly and then help you take your first breaths underwater!  During this session you progress from the shallower to the deeper water as your confidence and skill levels increase.  You will complete Module One and then  you will book your next session to complete Module Two

Remaining sessions
During your next four Sessions your Instructor will guide you through the remaining Modules Two, Three, Four and Five. (Just Module three for Scuba Diver)

How much does it cost: Open Water Diver referral, 5 modules, just �239.    Scuba Diver referral, 3 modules, Just �179

On completion of the course you receive the referral certification card which is valid for up to 12 months. You can then complete the four qualifying Open Water dives whilst on holiday abroad or here in the UK. Open water qualifying dives cost approximately �35 per dive.

Once you have completed the Open Water course you will be a fully qualified diver and awarded a certificate and identification card which confirms your level of training.  This qualification is recognised world wide and allows you to dive with other qualified divers anywhere in the world.

The course is designed to be completed 1 module at a time, however everybody learns at different speeds and it may take you more than one session to complete a module, this has been factored into the course and we do not charge extra if you require extra sessions. 

What is the referral Option? Essentially This option allows you to complete the entire course at your own pace in the comfort of our heated pools. Once you have completed the referral option you have completed all pool training modules and all the academic modules, passed the quizzes and will receive your referral certification allowing you to complete the Open water qualifying dives within twelve months with another PADI dive centre anywhere in the world. After the referral option you may decide to complete the dives with your Sublime instructor either on a Holiday to the Red Sea or even here at a Dive site local to you. 

Are there any restrictions? A declaration of fitness form must be completed prior to the first pool session. The experience is for anyone over 10 years of age.

What happens when I book the experience?  After completing the booking form and returning it to us with the deposit of �85, we will confirm your start date and arrange for you to receive the Crew pack, which includes The manual, dive tables and log book. We recommend booking at least 7 days in advance to guarantee availability on your chosen start date.

About the instructors  All of our instructors are diving professionals and are certified by the Professional Association of Diving Instructors. (PADI) We pride ourselves on high standards of teaching and professionalism. 

What do I need to bring?
Swimming costume, towels and a smile.

Can friends and family come and watch?  Yes, there are large viewing galleries at the pool sides.

Book Now or call 01992 815960

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